LSPM Local Setpoint Module

Easy potentiometer control for Alicat flow or pressure controllers

Alicat’s Local Setpoint Module (LSPM) provides a simple method to adjust and monitor the setpoint for most of our mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. The module features a potentiometer control knob to adjust the setpoint signal and a large variable-brightness digital LED display. A green tracking indicator LED below the display turns red if the actual flow rate or pressure differs from the commanded setpoint by more than 2% of the full-scale range. Both values (setpoint and actual reading) can be toggled using the Display Mode button.

  • Power and communications from your controller pass through the LSPM to your computer or PLC.
  • Compatible with Alicat gas flow, liquid flow or pressure controllers equipped with our standard 8-pin mini-DIN connector.
  • Designate the full-scale numerical range of your LSPM at the time of order.

Power and Communications

The 8-pin connectors at the top and bottom of the LSPM share power and communications signals with your connected controller.

  • To operate your controller as a stand-alone device, connect a PVPS24U power adapter to your controller’s barrel-type power jack. Then connect the included DC-62 double-ended 8-pin cable from your controller to either one of the LSPM’s 8-pin jacks.
  • To connect your controller to a computer, PLC or external source of power, connect the free 8-pin jack of the LSPM to your external device using a DC-61 single-ended 8-pin cable (not included with the LSPM).

*Note: DC-62RS cables are not compatible with the LSPM because they do not carry all 8 connections.

Dimensions: 2.375″ x 1.75″ x 3.0″ (6.0 x 4.4 x 7.6 cm)

*Note: Product depth of 1.75″ (4.4 cm) includes the potentiometer knob. See the mechanical drawing for details.

Weight: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)

In the box

  • Local Setpoint Module (LSPM), configured for your full-scale range at the time of order
  • DC-62 6-foot (1.8 m) double-ended 8-pin mini-DIN cable (male-male)
  • LSPM operating manual

The LSPM affords potentiometer control for existing Alicat instruments. For new orders, consider the Integrated Potentiometer Control (IPC) option that integrates the potentiometer dial into the flow or pressure controller directly.

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