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AFS–Portable Gas Flow Calibrators

A portable gas flow standard that is ready for anything

When your calibration process requires the utmost accuracy, the AFS flow standard delivers. It features Alicat’s most advanced calibration for optimal performance across changing temperatures, plus an on-board relative humidity sensor to maintain its accuracy all the way up to 100% RH (non-condensing). These advancements make possible a 1% of reading accuracy spec that requires no additional full-scale component.

  • Accurate. Calibrate flows with NIST-traceable 0.75% of reading accuracy for a variety of gases, or define your own gas composition with COMPOSER™. Low pressure drop allows calibration of volumetric flow rates with minimal impact.
  • Fast & Easy Operation. Averaged measurements and onboard data logging make it easy to gather multivariate flow data (volumetric and standardized flow rates, ambient and line pressures, and line temperature).
  • Durable. AFS flow standards are designed to be carried and can withstand drops if they should occur. Process connections have SAE threads for superior leak prevention.


  • Available ranges: max 0-50 slpm, min 0-5 sccm (see Part Numbers tab for all ranges)
  • Operation range (Turndown ratio): 200:1 when flowing air; 20:1 when flowing other gases or gas mixes
  • Flow accuracy: +/- 0.75% of the reading (NIST-traceable)
  • Typical measurement response time constant: 5-10 ms
  • No warm-up time required

Operating Conditions

  • Compatible gases: 98 pre-loaded selectable gas calibrations; additional mixtures definable with COMPOSER
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Max internal pressure (static): 45 psig (160 psia)
  • Max differential pressure (inlet to outlet): 15 psid
  • Proof pressure: 175 psig (190 psia)
  • STP/NTP: user-selectable (defaults to 25°C & 1 atm STP/0°C & 1 atm NTP)

In the box

AFS-5 (0-5 sccm)
AFS-500 (0-500 sccm)
AFS-5000 (0-5 slpm)
AFS-20L (0-20 slpm)
AFS-50L (0-50 slpm)


Calibration of mass flow controllers inside dynamic dilution calibrators

Perform a 20-point MFC flow calibration in minutes, not hours. Don’t waste another minute waiting for a positive displacement meter to finish a single low-flow measurement. The AFS saves you hours of calibration time, reading even the lowest flow rates instantly. Simultaneous display of actual volumetric flow and standardized mass flow rates makes it easy to get the information you need.


Preparation of the flow controller for an air sampling canister

Use the AFS with its low pressure drop to set up the volumetric flow controllers of VOC air sampling canisters. Ensuring the canister’s flow rate is on target for your sample set is easy, thanks to the live readings at very low flow rates. The AFS features a wide 200:1 turndown when used with air, for greatest flexibility with varying canister sizes and sampling periods.


Calibration of gas analyzers, pumps and air samplers for industrial hygiene applications

Instantly verify sample flow rates for a wide range of gas analyzers, pumps and air samplers used in industrial hygiene applications. Conduct flow calibrations in seconds with live readings of volumetric and standardized flow rates. The AFS averaging function records 1000 readings per second to get robust flow data from oscillating pumps. Extremely low pressure drop and push/pull capability makes the AFS adept at calibrating all types of air samplers and analyzers.


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