Marketing meetings at Sales ReCal Conference

The marketing breakout was aimed at focusing reps efforts in the coming year toward larger opportunities, and covered trade show support as well as eTrigue alerts and lead generation.

My To-Do list –the action item requests I received, and their current status–are:

Part number scheme document
  • Mike Owen is drafting this now.
  • Deliverable: 30-45 days
Part configurator / Pricer
  • We do have IT and QA resources working on an online part configurator, which would evolve into a Pricer. Sorry, there is no projected completion date, as it has to fit in around other projects and demands on IT. Deliverable: TBD.
White papers

There is one white paper on flow control optimization which is being formatted for publication.

  • App note as case study
    • I am working with one customer on a case study document.
    • Deliverable: unknown. The customer may not complete as promised.
  • With input from universities and National Labs
    • We have two universities which are using Alicat controllers for prototyping and experiments. The project directors have agreed to give us write-ups on their results that mention Alicat’s role.
    • Deliverable: indefinite, probably about 1 year
List of local shows, tech talks
  • I will update the list of shows we’re exhibiting at in the sales partner portal Tradeshow page in the next few days.
  • I’ll add a list of shows that Alicat keeps an eye on, or we visit without exhibiting.
  • Deliverable: before 27 March 2017.
Video of DIAG screen
  • The valve drive % reading was useful to a customer as a PM data point, as the valve opening percent may change as the valve wears, or as the flow body becomes clogged with contaminants.
  • This has been scheduled for a blog draft, due in early May. Video may accompany the publication of the blog post.
Cheat sheet of Serial Commands
  • No action on this yet. Deliverable TBD
Table of Contents of web site
  • Otherwise known as a Site Map, a basic implementation of this — available only in the Sales Portal– is feasible in the short term. Deliverable: 31 March, 2017
Comment forum to discuss customers and apps
  • A scoping of this concept with IT suggested that a forum could be installed with considerable effort, but I also have concerns that it would require yet more logins to be created for you.
  • I’m experimenting with a blog concept — you might post a question or topic (or we could post it at your request), and then other Alicat reps could comment, forming a discussion. The topics and discussions could then be browsed into the indefinite future, since the blog and comment form is quite persistent. Just not sure if this would be searchable, since the content would be behind a login barrier.
  • It may be simplest to create a private Facebook group to accomplish the same — the drawbacks are: 1) not being able to add topic tags or categories. 2) Facebook.
  • Deliverable: TBD