When to use a Coriolis meter

When to use a Coriolis meter

Coriolis instruments are not only the most accurate way to measure mass flow, they also have a number of other unique capabilities. Here are five important points as you consider when to use a Coriolis meter for various applications.

1. Do you want to measure mass flow directly? Do you know the fluid density?

caution sign with question markCoriolis meters use optical sensors outside of the flow path to detect variations in tube vibration, allowing them to measure mass flow, and fluid density, directly (see operating principles here).  This measurement has no pressure dependence, and the only temperature effects are mechanical or electronic, so Coriolis instruments have much smaller zero shifts than other technologies.

2. Are you measuring aggressive fluids?

caution sign with skullCoriolis meters can be materially compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases, including many aggressive fluids that are incompatible with other flow meter technologies.

Alicat’s CODA-Series of Coriolis instruments are available with all-metal seals, allowing for increased chemical compatibility with process fluids.

3. Are you operating under extreme conditions?

caution sign with thermometerCoriolis meters can operate over a wide range of conditions, including very high temperatures and ultra-low flow rates.

CODA Coriolis instruments have options of full scale operating ranges from 40 to 100,000 grams per hour. CODA devices operate between -30°C and 70°C and can withstand burst pressures of up to 3x their operating (or proof) pressures. High pressure units have a burst pressure as high as 12000 PSI.

4. Is your fluid composition unknown or changing?

caution sign with precipitationMeasurements taken by Coriolis mass flow meters don’t rely on fluid properties (such as viscosity, density, or compressibility). This enables a Coriolis meter to provide accurate mass flow measurements even when the exact composition of the process fluid is unknown or changing.

5. What is your budget?

caution sign with dollar signDue to their high accuracy and flexibility, Coriolis mass flow devices tend to cost quite a bit more than other technologies. At the end of the day, when to use a Coriolis meter may be a matter of budget.