Troubleshooting: How to get device registers

Getting device registers

When troubleshooting an Alicat device, it can be helpful to download all of the device registers to verify the current configuration or to assist in troubleshooting with an applications engineer. This can be done in just a few quick steps!

  1. Download the “Alicat Serial Address Dump”  Zip file below to your PC. (It can also be found under the “Serial Tools” tab on our Software-Drivers page.)Serial Address Dump
  2. Extract the .zip file and run it. Note that on some computers it may need to be saved due to security restrictions. Otherwise you’ll likely get an “Access Denied” error while attempting to run it.
  3. Ensure that your device is connected serially to the computer and powered on. Then enter the COM Port number, Baud rate, and Unit ID of your device. By default, the baud rate will be 19200, and the Unit ID will be A. In the example below, a device with the Unit ID “D” is connected to COM port 4 with the default baud rate.
    Serial Address Dump
  4. Press “Enter”, and the program will run itself and give you a “Done” message at the end. Feel free to close the program after you get the done message.
  5. In the same folder that the Serial Address Dump is saved, you will now be able to find a .txt file. When you open it, all of the registers and addresses will be saved.Serial Address Dump
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