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  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Framergy purifies methane from natural gas streams using MOFs and Coriolis mass flow meters

    Co-written by Alicat and Framergy. Funding for this research was provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under contract number 68HERC20C0007. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a novel class of nanomaterials which are highly effective as a solid adsorbent and utilize their unique “cage-like” structure to trap molecules. Because of these properties, MOFs have been […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Maintaining cryogenic temperatures with pressure control

    Cryogens are substances that liquefy at or below 120 K under standard pressure (760 Torr). They are commonly used in applications to keep liquefied substances at extremely cold temperatures, including cryopreservation, rocket propulsion, and medical imaging. Two of the most well-know cryogens are liquid nitrogen and helium. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for cold storage […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Controlling carbon dioxide sparging in brewing applications

    Beer is the beverage of choice for billions of people around the world. Whether ale, lager, or stout, carbon dioxide sparging is the process by which beer gets carbonated – making it the not-so-subtle difference between a refreshing pint and a flat disappointment. The average beer drinker is like to have strong feelings about what […]

  • FAST-12 flight
    FAST achieves high-altitude ballooning goals using portable mass flow meters

    In 2011, Dr. Amanda Maxham established Flying Apple Space Technologies (FAST), a program that uses high-altitude ballooning (HAB) to inspire involvement in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. FAST teams are encouraged to find creative solutions to the challenges associated with the launching of latex weather balloons into the atmosphere. Each balloon is fitted with scientific […]