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  • Addressing scaling challenges of bioreactor sparging using mass flow control

    This article was originally published in Fluid Handling Pro on June 29, 2021. Read the original article here. Bioreactor sparging systems are designed to introduce oxygen to feed cell cultures while removing carbon dioxide to prevent toxic buildup. Various bioreactor features and components are critical to optimizing these processes. Spargers, impellers, baffling, and bioreactor shape all […]

  • Controlling carbon dioxide sparging in brewing applications

    Beer is the beverage of choice for billions of people around the world. Whether ale, lager, or stout, carbon dioxide sparging is the process by which beer gets carbonated – making it the not-so-subtle difference between a refreshing pint and a flat disappointment. The average beer drinker is like to have strong feelings about what […]

  • Persedo assures quality of distilled spirits using mass flow control

    Persedo uses an Alicat mass flow controller to precisely control flow rates of food-grade gases flow into their distilled spirits processing system.

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