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  • Fast, flexible leak testing for single-use bioprocessing

    How do you know that your bioprocessing is free from costly leaks or integrity failures? Leak testing of single use systems can now be accomplished easily and quickly with an Alicat Scientific Whisper Series Mass Flow Meter.

  • How to switch from forward to back control

    Switching from forward to back control Sometimes applications will require control of the process ‘upstream’ of the Alicat instrument (a traditional back-pressure control situation, for example). For these cases, the valve needs to be in the downstream position.  Just make sure to let us know when you order, and we’ll take care of the rest.  […]

  • Mass flow calibration where you need it
    A practical guide to flow calibration success

    This is an introductory guide to flow calibration success. It includes annual recalibration FAQ, calibration types, understanding calibration specifications, and relevant articles on the topic. Annual recalibration FAQ This FAQ shows the benefits of annual recalibration and answers your questions about our calibration solutions. Calibration types: NIST, ISO 17025, and A2LA We often receive inquiries […]

  • Types of pressure controllers

    Understanding pressure controller types: pressure reducing regulators and controllers, back pressure controllers, and closed volume pressure controllers.

  • Appnote: Regulating vacuum in test system when the vacuum source varies

    Regulating vacuum when the vacuum source varies The efficiency of any vacuum process depends greatly on the stability of the vacuum that is maintained in the chamber. Examples of this abound, including ensuring a clean diamond with the desired internal structure in artificial diamond manufacturing and or carbon nano tube generation, where a stable vacuum […]

  • Appnote: High-speed aerodynamic test

    High-speed aerodynamic test In Aerospace development and testing, there are frequently occasions where aerodynamicists need to pressurize a large volume (>100 Liters) to high pressures (>150 PSIG). These aerospace applications require both high flow rates, as well as high pressures. For these aerospace pressure control applications, there can be limits on the mass flow that […]

  • Appnote: Achieving more repeatable coatings with faster, higher precise pressure control

    Achieving more repeatable coatings with faster, higher precise pressure control Background on Vacuum Coating Vacuum coating process control engineers create a vacuum (pressures below atmosphere) in a sealed chamber. They remove atmospheric gases which would interfere with the desired reactions between the substances in the process. Into the vacuum, they introduce other gases and materials—things […]