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  • Measuring vent and greenhouse gas emissions

    Portable gas flow meters are use multiple flow sensors to capture pressure, temperature, and flow data quickly at the source.

  • Validating, verifying, and calibrating flows

    Validation, verification, and calibration all share the common goal of ensuring a process is working as intended. Here, we discuss these three interrelated but distinct processes and detail how to go about validating, verifying, or calibrating your system. At a basic level, the three terms may be defined as follows: Validation ensures a system satisfies […]

  • FAST-12 flight
    FAST achieves high-altitude ballooning goals using portable mass flow meters

    In 2011, Dr. Amanda Maxham established Flying Apple Space Technologies (FAST), a program that uses high-altitude ballooning (HAB) to inspire involvement in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. FAST teams are encouraged to find creative solutions to the challenges associated with the launching of latex weather balloons into the atmosphere. Each balloon is fitted with scientific […]

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