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  • What is mass flow?

    What is mass flow? Most Alicat devices measure and control the mass flow rate of a gas. As gas flows through an Alicat, it passes through a flow channel with temperature and pressure sensors. These sensors measure the instantaneous temperature and pressure of the gas stream, and use that information in combination with known gas […]

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    Operating principle: Laminar differential pressure mass flow technology

    Alicat mass flow instruments operate on the principle of differential pressure-based laminar flow measurement.

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    Tech comparison: Types of gas flow instruments

    There are many different ways to measure flow. Here, we present a brief overview of some of these technologies to understand how flow meters work. 

  • What is laminar flow?

    What is laminar flow? Laminar flow is key to the operating principle of Alicat differential pressure instruments, enabling them to output highly accurate mass flow rates across very wide measurement and control ranges. In this article, we briefly discuss different flow types with a focus on laminar flow. Turbulent, laminar, and transitional flow When flowing […]

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    Liquid ingress into a gas flow instrument

    Liquid ingress into a gas flow instrument Gas flow controllers and meters are designed to flow only gases, but accidental liquid ingress into a gas flow device can happen in most environments. Depending on the specific flow devices at hand, liquid ingress may be a minor inconvenience, or may result in requiring a whole new […]