Tag: dosing

  • High accuracy, low-flow color dosing with Coriolis mass flow meters

    Many liquid laundry detergents are easily recognized by their distinct blue color. The addition of such blue coloring and other fluorescing agents adds trace amounts of dye to fabrics, both counteracting discoloration and improving brightness. Challenge: Inaccurate, inefficient pumps lead to noticeable variation Modern blue dyes and fluorescing agents come in extremely high concentrations, so […]

  • Aerating chocolate using mass flow control

    Aerated chocolate is increasingly popular because of its particular mouthfeel: bubbles in the chocolate make it lighter, with a unique texture. An aerated chocolate bar has more surface area than a standard chocolate bar, which is why it melts faster in your mouth, intensifying its taste. How are bubbles added to chocolate? The short answer: […]

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