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  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    More efficient flow control for bioreactors and bioprocess systems

    Cowritten by Alicat and Chip Stacy, AbbVie Senior Engineer of Digital Systems As the need for potent and specific pharmaceuticals grows, pharmaceutical manufacturers have turned to biologics to meet the increasing needs and find treatments for complex and currently untreatable conditions including cancer and myriad genetic diseases. Biologics and biosimilars differ from conventional small molecule drugs […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    High flow control for gasification

    Gasification is a process in which biomass or fossil fuel is converted into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide (syngas or synthetic gas).1 According to Carnot’s theorem of thermodynamic efficiency, the syngas produced is more energy rich than organic fuel in its combustion due to higher combustion temperatures. Furthermore, syngas can be used directly in […]