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    Inflating single-use bioreactor bags using dual-valve pressure controllers

    Single-use bioreactors (SUBs) offer key advantages over reusable bioreactors, including increased sterility and subsequently simpler and faster changeover between batches or campaigns. After the product is removed from the bioreactor, the user can remove the SUB bag from its holding container and dispose of it (generally via incineration). The new vessel can then be installed […]

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    Alicat mass flow controllers resist back pressure contamination

    Evaluation of Alicat mass flow controllers’ resistance to back pressure contamination Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are essential to many modern production and test processes. Precise and reliable flow control is particularly important for efficient, sustainable production in applications such as glass fabrication and bioprocessing. Within such processes, MFCs occasionally face the challenge of encountering unexpected […]

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    Maintaining cryogenic temperatures with pressure control

    Cryogens are substances that liquefy at or below 120 K under standard pressure (760 Torr). They are commonly used in applications to keep liquefied substances at extremely cold temperatures, including cryopreservation, rocket propulsion, and medical imaging. Two of the most well-know cryogens are liquid nitrogen and helium. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for cold storage […]

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    Increasing vacuum deposition speed and stability with upstream pressure control

    Placing pressure control devices upstream of the chamber in vacuum coating applications saves time, cost, and increases accuracy in vacuum deposition tools.

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    Johnson Matthey optimizes automotive catalyst manufacturing using pressure control

    Johnson Matthey is a leading international car exhaust catalyst manufacturer. Automotive catalysts made by Johnson Matthey play a critical role in reducing the harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbon emissions that automobiles produce. Problem: Simulating operating conditions for catalyst optimization Automobile operating conditions vary across differing geographies. To optimize the production of their catalysts, […]