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  • KimPro Energy monitors oil and gas methane emissions using portable mass flow meters

    In response to the global climate crisis, government regulations on venting flows and leaks are increasing. Standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions now require measurements that have historically only been estimated. Challenge: Meeting increasing government regulations KimPro Energy needed a new solution for oil and gas emissions monitoring. These new government regulations meant they would […]

  • LD Integrated Technologies characterizes medical device flows using LabVIEW pressure control

    LD Integrated Technologies (LDIT) is a consulting firm that specializes in system integration and automated testing projects. The firm often develops custom hardware, circuit design, embedded firmware, and software to meet the needs of their customers. LDIT focuses especially on integration projects within the medical device, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, and oil and gas industries. Challenge: […]

  • Cambridge CMOS Sensors characterizes and calibrates gas sensors using mass flow control

    Cambridge CMOS Sensors (purchased by ams in 2016), is an industry leader in sensor technology. Their patented CMOS MEMS gas sensors use micro-hotplate technology to provide lower power consumption and faster response times for monitoring air quality and hazardous gases. Challenge: Testing CMOS sensors requires fast flow control flow for a wide range of testing […]

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