Product sparging with mass flow controllers

Product sparging

Sparging is a process where a gas is injected into a liquid to achieve a variety of results. The sparging bar has many fine holes through which the gas is transferred into the product in the sparging tank.

Maintaining a constant flow rate is crucial in order to obtain the desired results. A mass flow controller can insure a constant flow rate as the level of product changes or the sparging bar becomes clogged, allowing a high level of quality to be maintained.

Sparging is done with many different gases:

  • Air (to increase volume)
  • Nitrogen (to remove water)
  • Carbon Dioxide (to carbonate or decrease Ph)
  • Hydrogen (to hydrogenate)
  • Oxygen (to oxidize)

Alicat’s MC-Series Mass Flow Controllers are highly suitable for each of these purposes. The MCs provide local control and read out or they can interface directly with recording or control hardware via RS-232.

Simultaneously control flow and monitor sparging pressure to reveal clogging or abnormal fluid levels.