Using the batch function

Using the batch function to accurately dispense fluids with your Alicat controller

If you have a controller with the totalizer feature, you have the ability to set a batch fill. This allows you to set a specific total volume and a setpoint at the same time. Whether controlling flow or pressure, the device will hit the setpoint and automatically stop flow once the given total volume is achieved.

1. Turn device on and navigate to the totalizer menu by pressing the bottom right-hand button labeled “TOTAL/MENU”.

  • A unit must have the totalizer function to use the batch feature.

2. Select the “BATCH” button located on the display. From here, you can use the navigational keys to input your batch amount. When finished, press the “SET” button.

3. Now that we have the batch amount, we’ll need to set the flow rate. We are assuming a 0 setpoint. Select “SETPT” and adjust the setpoint to the desired flow rate using the navigation keys. When finished, press the “SET” button.

  • Once you press “SET”, the device will begin to flow! Ensure you are properly connected to the desired system/volume.

4. Once the device has finished dispersing the desired batch, flow will cease. To start another batch with the same parameters, press the “RESET” button.