Adjusting zero band (AKA deadband)

Adjusting zero band (AKA deadband)

Because Alicat measures flow using differential pressure, the readings are very sensitive.  Our Whisper Series can even measure the air conditioning in the room.  Sometimes all that noise, is just noise, and it’s helpful to add a zero band to the display.  This will display very small flow readings as zero, but it won’t affect the digital or analog outputs.

See below for instructions on how to change the zero band settings on an Alicat device.



Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Press the bottom right button for “MENU” selection.
  2. Press the bottom middle button for “ADV SETUP” selection.
  3. Press the top left button for “SENSOR SETUP” selection.
  4. Press the top left button for “DISPLAY AS ZERO” selection.
  5. Use the up, down, and select digit buttons to set your desired zero band.
  6. Press the bottom left button for “SET” selection.

“Hello, I am Michael Whiteside, an application engineer here at Alicat Scientific. Today, I am going to show you how to establish a zero band on your Alicat device. Now let’s get started.

As you can see with this Alicat device, it is fluctuating at very low flow rates in the negative direction. In order to avoid this, we can use the zero band functionality.

We do this by hitting menu (bottom right button), advanced setup (bottom middle button), sensor setup (top left button), and display as zero (top left button).

Now what this tells the device is that anything under this set limit will just be displayed as zero on the front display.

Since the full scale is 50 SLPM, changing this to 1 percent (top left button for ‘up’) means that anything under 0.5 SLPM will just be displayed as zero. We hit set (bottom middle button), and now we see that the device is only reading zero.

That is how you properly establish a zero band on your Alicat device.”