FAQ: Portable meters

FAQ: Technical update for portable meters

In 2019, Alicat moved to a revised main circuit board. In April of 2019, the Alicat portable meters began shipping with the new main boards. The notable changes are as follows:

  • Portables no longer have an 8-pin mini-din connector or analog outputs
  • Includes a single multipurpose cable for recharging battery, and Serial over USB communications
  • Significantly improved accuracy spec in the mid-range standard series meters
  • Operationally unchanged except for improved performance and sensor strength
  • Improved pressure and temperature accuracy
  • Slight total height decrease on the instrument

Updated Spec sheets for the MB series can be found here:

We are excited to share our improved specs with our loyal customers and hope that these
advances help to increase the speed and accuracy of all of their metrology needs!

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