Which products can have PROFIBUS installed?

PROFIBUS communication protocols are an option on most Alicat flow and pressure instrumentation:

  • Mass flow controllers and meters (MC and M-Series)
  • Pressure controllers and gages (PC and P-Series)
  • Low pressure drop products (Whisper-Series)
  • Liquid meters and controllers (LC and L-Series)

Which products do not include PROFIBUS as an option?

  • OEM instruments (BASIS and EPC-Series)
  • Portable instruments (MB and LB-Series)
  • Class 1 Div. 2 area instruments (-X part numbers)

What are the specification changes to an Alicat Instrument, when PROFIBUS is included?

Electrical connectors DB9 female (PROFIBUS) + M8A (power and RS-232)

Communications and power Mass flow meter or mass flow controller with PROFIBUS
Digital Outputs PROFIBUS DP (DB9) + RS-232 (M8)
Analog Outputs None
Display Options None
Supply Voltage 7 to 30 Vdc
Supply Current 165 mA on flow and pressure meters. 250-750 mA (depending on valve) for flow and pressure controllers.


Which connector do I use to power the PROFIBUS device?

The M8A connector is used to provide power to the device unless it was ordered with the Power over PROFIBUS (POP part number) option in which you will use the DB9

Do I still have a choice of gases and gas mixes on PROFIBUS equipped instruments?

Alicat gas instruments with PROFIBUS possess our full Gas Select™ list of gas calibrations. Composer™ gas mixing firmware is not accessible over PROFIBUS communication; however, it is accessible on the front panel or over RS-232 on PROFIBUS enabled devices.

How fast are communications with an Alicat instruments equipped with PROFIBUS?

The device supports all standard PROFIBUS baud rates, 9.6 Kbps up to 12 Mbps. The device will auto detect the baud rate when powered up.

What is the notification indicator LED?

The LED will light up green if proper PROFIBUS communication is established.

Can I update my existing instruments to possess PROFIBUS?

Both electronic hardware and firmware requirements needed to install PROFIBUS mean that it must be ordered on new instruments, and cannot be retrofitted to existing Alicat products.

What DP version is the Alicat device?

The device can be used with any PROFIBUS-DP master which supports any of these versions, but currently we have only implemented cyclic “V0” type commands on Alicat devices.

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