DeviceNet FAQ

DeviceNet FAQ

Which products can have DeviceNet installed?

DeviceNet communication protocols are an option on most of Alicat Scientific’s flow and pressure instrumentation:

  • Mass flow controllers and meters (MC and M-Series)
  • Pressure controllers and gages (PC and P-Series)
  • Low pressure drop products (Whisper-Series)
  • Liquid meters and controllers (LC and L-Series)

Which products do not include DeviceNet as an option?

  • CODA Coriolis controllers and meters (KC, KM, KCO and KMO-Series)
  • OEM devices (BC and EPC-Series)
  • Portable instruments (MB and LB-Series)
  • Class 1 Division 2 area instruments (-X part numbers)

What are the specification changes to an Alicat Instrument, when DeviceNet is included?

Communications and power Mass flow meter or mass flow controller with DeviceNet
Digital output signal DeviceNet
Analog output signals None
Electrical connections DeviceNet (top port) and RS-232 (side port)
Supply voltage 7 to 30 Vdc
Supply current Adds 170mA current to standard specification, which is 40 mA on mass flow meters. Mass flow controllers draw more current to drive the valves—add 170mA to their specified supply current.


Do I still have a choice of gases and gas mixes on DeviceNet-equipped instruments?

Alicat gas instruments with DeviceNet possess our full Gas Select™ list of gas calibrations, as well as the Composer™ firmware for creating custom high-precision gas mixes of up to 5 gases.

How fast are communications with an Alicat instrument equipped with DeviceNet?

Alicat’s default baud rate in DeviceNet is 125 kbps. You can change the rate to 250 or 500 kbps via DeviceNet or RS-232 serial command.

Does DeviceNet on Alicat instruments comply with the industry standard?

The standards certification is in process, and therefore the instruments are DeviceNet compatible, and are ODVA certified.

Can I update my existing instruments to possess DeviceNet?

Both electronic hardware and firmware requirements needed to install DeviceNet mean that it must be ordered on new instruments, and cannot be retrofitted to existing Alicat products.

What if I need to debug?

Your Alicat device comes with an RS-232 debug sideport for diagnostics and configuration.

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