Backlit monochrome displays FAQ

FAQ: Alicat’s backlit monochrome display hardware change

Published: 03 January 2017

In response to customer requests, Alicat Scientific has developed a new monochrome LCD display that includes a toggle-switch driven backlight, to improve readability in low light conditions.

Which instruments are affected by this change, and when will the update happen?

Alicat instruments shipped on or after 30 December 2016, will ship with the updated backlit display as a standard feature, with these exceptions:

  • At this time, backlit displays are not available on:
    • Devices with CSA or ATEX approval
  • Options for color display (TFT), and instruments without displays, will remain available.
  • Subject to case-by-case conformance, customers with no-change agreements may or may not receive backlit displays. If you have a no-change agreement, you will have been notified in a separate communication. To review your no-change agreement, contact Alicat.

What changes will I notice?

  • The backlit display interface will include a button, centered under the letters “LI” in the middle of the ALICAT logo on the face of the instrument. See the illustration below:

Location of backlight button on Alicat instruments

  • Supply Current will be 0.050 Amp for the electronics package when the backlight is on, up from 0.040 Amp when it is off—exclusive of valve current requirements, if any.

How can I use the backlight?

  • Pushing the button centered under the Alicat logo will toggle the backlight on or off. The button has no other functions, and does not affect the menus on the display.
  • No serial commands exist for the backlight, and no serial commands have been changed.
  • The light remains on until switched off with the button. There is no timer or “auto-off” feature for the backlight.
  • The brightness is not adjustable. But the contrast level of the LCD’s text is still adjustable through the display menu.

Will the backlight display cause interference or affect emissions?

  • No new testing for emissions or interference are called for.

Can I update my existing instruments to backlit displays?

  • In most cases, yes.
  • If you’d like to see if your instrument is compatible with backlit LCDs, send an RMA request through our online service request form and specify that you are interested in the refitting, or call our applications engineers (520-290-6060).
  • Be sure to have your instruments’ serial numbers ready, to help us look up compatibility.

Except as noted above, there are no other changes to Form, Fit, or Function as a result of this backlit LCD hardware change.


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