Appnote: Controlling flow to fine adjust the valves in a dual valve assembly

Controlling flow to fine adjust the valves in a dual valve assembly

ACME Pipe & Valve has an unusual situation. They are trying to match the flow rate through two valves in a dual valve assembly. Adjust one valve seat and the other is off, and vice versa. Is this type of adjustment a pipe dream?

They need a way to measure the flow at both valve seats so that any adjustments can be made simultaneously to make the flow rates match.

The Alicat engineers have the solution. (Drum roll, please.) By using two M-100SLPM-D meters and a BB9 multi-drop box connected to both devices, they can accomplish this task with ease and precision.

Need: Checking pressure at two points simultaneously.
Solution: Two MCP-100SLPM-D/CLP mass flow controllers and one BB9

Application Notes: 0-70 SLPM of Air at approx. 8.7 PSIG.

  • These “adders” don’t bite. Alicat uses “adder” codes to specify input/output signal type, secondary
    output, selected gas, range, valve location, STP conditions, closed loop pressure and other options.
  • “Adder” options may or may not increase the price of the device. Please consult price list to confirm.
  • The BB9, multi-drop box, allows communication/power between a computer and up to nine Alicat
    devices via RS-232. It is also available as a BB9-USB.
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