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  • Video: Fast Flow Calibrations at Low Flow Rates Using A Mass Flow Meter

    Fast Flow Calibrations at Low Flow Rates Using A Mass Flow Meter Tired of waiting for your slow positive displacement meter? Alicat’s flow meters run circles around PD meters, giving you instant readings even at the lowest flow rates. Do a 20-point MFC calibration in minutes, not hours, even at low flow rates such as […]

  • Video: How fast is your mass flow controller?

    Ask Alicat: How fast is your mass flow controller? Flow stability and accuracy depend on fast control response, and Alicat has the fastest mass flow control stability specification. This video demonstrates 0 to 100% setpoint changes with settling times of less than 30 ms and a control time constant of only 7.4 ms. For fastest […]

  • Video: How Tough is an Alicat Flow Meter?

    How tough is an Alicat flow meter? (Drop Test) We drop an Alicat portable mass flow meter onto unforgiving concrete from increasing heights to test the toughness of this product. After each drop, we compare its measurement to the pre-test baseline. See also this in-lab impact test video.

  • Video: What is Pressure Drop?

    Ask Alicat: What Is Pressure Drop? Pressure drop is the amount of line pressure that is permanently lost as gas passes through an instrument in a gas line. Alicat Scientific demonstrates the importance of pressure drop for gas flow processes and shows how you can greatly reduce pressure drop by using its Whisper Series of […]

  • Video: Turndown Ratio in Mass Flow Controllers

    Turndown Ratio in Mass Flow Controllers Alicat Scientific demonstrates an incredible 5000:1 turndown ratio on our mass flow meters and controllers. How low can your flow controller go?

  • Video: Speed of Response for Alicat Mass Flow Controllers

    Speed of response for Alicat mass flow controllers A simple demonstration showing the speed of response of an Alicat mass flow controller using an oscilloscope. The specific instrument used for this video is an Alicat MC-500SCCM-D/5M, 5IN, Gas:Air.

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