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  • How the Gas Totalizer on a Mass Flow Controller Works

    How the gas totalizer on a mass flow controller works Mass flow totalizing is used for measuring how much accumulated mass of a particular gas (or gas mixture) has been flowed in a process, where a meter alone will measure the rate of flow at any given moment. Alicat mass flow meters have a totalizer […]

  • Understanding How to Tare Your Alicat Device

    Understanding how to tare your Alicat device What is tare? Why is it important? And how do I tare? Setting the tare takes a sensor signal and sets it as zero in flow or pressure. A zero setpoint results in closing of the valve (on controllers, not meters) and creates a known “no flow” condition. […]

  • Video: Tuning the PD Settings on Your Alicat Instrument

    Tuning the PD settings on your Alicat instrument If you ever find your Alicat controller struggling to efficiently meet the desired setpoint, it may mean your PD settings need to be adjusted. This video shows how to change your PD settings without having to send the device back to the factory; with options through FlowVision, […]

  • Video: Standard Temperature and Pressure Settings on a Mass Flow Controller

    Standard Temperature and Pressure settings on a mass flow controller Obtaining correlated data between instruments is essential, which is why we made it easy to change your Standard Temperature and Pressure designation on an Alicat mass flow controller (or mass flow meter) in the field. No need to send your flow controller or flow meter […]

  • Video: Rolamite Valve Swap

    Rolamite Valve Swap This video shows how to change the position of a large Rolamite valve on an Alicat gas mass flow controller (part numbers beginning with MCR), from upstream to downstream. Moving the valve is done to place the sensor in a different location of the flow stream relative to the valve, because of […]

  • Video: Alicat Rolamite Valve Cleaning

    Alicat Rolamite Valve Cleaning This video shows how to disassemble, clean and reassemble an Alicat Rolamite valve. Should your valve require a higher level of cleaning or repair, please contact Alicat at 888-290-6060.

  • Video: Changing Valve Position on Any Small Valve Alicat Controller

    Changing valve position on any small valve Alicat controller How to change the valve position from upstream to downstream, or vice versa, on any Alicat mass flow controller or pressure controller that utilizes the Alicat small valve. This procedure will not apply to any Alicat controllers that utilize the medium or large valve. If you […]

  • Video: Electrical and Wiring Connection Tutorial for a Mass Flow or Pressure Device

    Electrical and Wiring Connection Tutorial for an Alicat Scientific Flow or Pressure Device How to make the proper electrical connections to your Alicat Scientific mass flow, pressure or liquid flow instrument.

  • Video: Connecting and Leak Checking a Mass Flow Instrument

    Connecting and leak checking an Alicat Scientific flow instrument How to connect fittings and check for leaks when installing an Alicat Scientific flow instrument  

  • Video: Serial Communication with a Mass Flow Meter or Flow Controller

    Serial communication with an Alicat Scientific mass flow device Tutorial on how to use your computer and Alicat’s serial terminal program to communicate with an Alicat mass flow device.  

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