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  • FlowVision 2.0 FAQ

    FlowVision 2.0 FAQ Here are frequently asked questions about FlowVision 2.0 software. If you are using legacy FlowVision SC software, go here instead. Where do I download FlowVision 2.0? Download FlowVision 2.0 for free here. Where do I download .NET Core? Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 downloads – 64 bit | 32 bit What do the “Failed to […]

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    Firmware updates FAQ

    Firmware updates FAQ Alicat regularly develops new firmware so users can get the most out of our newest electronics packages. The most current firmware version is 9v. In this article, we answer common questions about these firmware updates. Jump to 8v firmware updates Jump to 7v firmware updates For 6v and older devices, please contact […]

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    CSA/ATEX certification for hazardous areas

    CSA/ATEX certification for hazardous areas Alicat devices are available with CSA/ATEX certifications for use in hazardous areas. This article covers the details of these certifications, including compatible device configurations. Alicat’s CSA/ATEX classification Alicat instruments can be built with the following dual CSA/ATEX classification: Devices available with CSA/ATEX certification CSA/ATEX certifications are available with the following […]

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    IP ratings and conformal coatings

    IP ratings and conformal coatings Alicat devices are available with conformal coatings and a variety of IP ratings for protection from dust and water. This article details the available options for Alicat devices and briefly explains the purpose of each. Conformal coating (-CC build option) High-humidity and condensation due to sudden temperature changes can damage […]

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    Measurement/control range and turndown ratio

    Measurement/control range and turndown ratio Most Alicat devices have a 0.01–100% measurable/controllable range. If you are looking at an older spec sheet, this may instead be listed as a 10,000:1 turndown ratio. Here, we discuss full scale control range, flow measurement range, and turndown ratio. What do full scale control range, flow measurement range, and […]

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    Internal barometer (-IB sensor) FAQ

    Internal barometer (-IB sensor) FAQ Alicat mass flow and absolute pressure devices can be equipped with a barometer (-IB sensor) that provides barometric and gauge pressure information. Please contact us at 888-290-6060 or with any questions.

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    Modbus FAQ

    Alicat devices can be ordered with either the serial Modbus RTU or the Modbus TCP/IP protocols. Some common information on these protocols is compiled here.

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    EtherCAT FAQ

    Alicat gas instruments with EtherCAT possess our full Gas Select™ list of gas calibrations, as well as the COMPOSER™ firmware for creating custom high-precision gas mixes of 2-5 gases and storing up to 20 customized gas mix compositions.

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    Profibus FAQ

    PROFIBUS communication protocols are an option on most Alicat flow controllers, flow meters, and pressure controllers.

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    FlowVision SC troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting FlowVision SC™ “Failed to Establish Serial Port Connection” or “Access is Denied” Error This message occurs when multiple programs in Windows try to access the same serial port. For instance, if FlowVision SC is open and connected to serial port COM4, and you try to connect to COM4 via another serial terminal applications (ie: […]