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  • Request CAD models and mechanical drawings

    Request CAD models and mechanical drawings Alicat devices are highly customizable. As such, we manufacture instruments to order and provide CAD models and mechanical drawings for specific parts on request. Provide the part number, its serial number, or all relevant instrument parameters. After you fill out the form, an applications engineer will be in touch […]

  • Spec sheet glossary of terms

    Spec sheet glossary of terms Here is a list of the terms found in Alicat spec sheets and their associated definitions. If you have any questions, please contact us via phone, email, or chat. Sensor (and control) performance Max Flow Accuracy at Calibration Conditions: The accuracy of mass flow when gas is flowed at the […]

  • Valve sizing and tuning

    Valve sizing and tuning for optimal control Valve options Choosing the right valve size is critical to ensuring that your process can achieve full-scale flow under your range of expected process conditions. A properly sized valve will give your mass flow controller or pressure controller stable control throughout the entire flow range. Your instrument will […]

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    Engineering units

    Alicat engineering units Most Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments have user-selectable engineering units. Below is a list of all engineering units for pressure, flow, and temperature.

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    Instrument brochures

    Instrument brochures These brochures provide a high level overview of our various mass flow, pressure, and liquid instruments.

  • Product manuals

    Alicat product manuals Below are Alicat manuals and quick start guides for mass flow, pressure, and liquid products as well as for communication protocols. Please feel free to contact us if you do not find what you need, or if you have any questions.

  • Part number decoder

    Alicat part number decoder There are many ways to customize your Alicat, but added options can sometimes make your part number look like alphabet soup. We’ve compiled the listings below to help you decipher the various elements of your Alicat part number. Most Alicat part numbers consist of a top-level part number and a group of […]

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    Specification sheets and drawings

    Alicat specification sheets and drawings

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    Connector pinout diagrams

    Alicat connector pinout diagrams Most Alicat instruments come with an 8-pin mini-DIN connector and barrel-type power jack. Other connector options include locking industrial, 9 and 15-pin D-sub, and RJ-45. 8-pin and 6-pin round connectors Standard 8-pin mini-DIN connector pinout (default) Locking 6-pin industrial connector (I/IO) Threaded 8-pin M12 connector pinout (M12/M12O) 9-pin D-sub connectors Alicat […]

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    Gas Select gas list

    Gas Select™ gas list for Alicat mass flow meters and controllers Most Alicat gas mass flow meters and controllers come with Gas Select, an onboard library with 98-130 gases. Any of the pre-loaded gases may also be used to generate and store up to 20 mixed gas calibrations using Composer. Users may switch between selected […]