Category: Pressure regulation applications

  • Characterizing a filter with a pressure controller and mass flow meter

    A common application of Alicat’s mass flow and pressure devices is the characterization of a static device with pressure drop, such as a filter or static orifice. Filters and static orifices have pre-defined curves for the relationship between pressure and flow rate. A customer will most likely want to develop this curve or test a […]

  • Replacing pin gauge testing with a pressure controller and mass flow meter

    One of our customers developed a go/no-go test where he would check the diameter of a female fitting to ensure proper engagement of the male counterpart. At the time, he was using a pin gauge to measure the diameter of the test part. This setup was both slow and unreliable, so he contacted Alicat to […]

  • Fast, accurate leak testing using one flow controller

    Looking for a fast, accurate way to leak test your system? Whisper low pressure drop controllers provide a convenient, single instrument solution. A standard controller may also work, however stable leakages are best detected when the meter generates minimal pressure drop (line pressure due to frictional resistance). This makes the low pressure drop (as low […]

  • Verifying and optimizing gas chromatography processes

    Gas chromatography (GC) is an important analytical technique used to separate and analyze chemical components in a mixture. Here, we provide a brief introduction to GC and discuss some of the common application challenges and mass flow/pressure solutions. How does gas chromatography work? The sample is first injected into the inlet of the GC, where […]

  • Precise and repeatable flow control in optical fiber manufacturing

    Let’s take a look at how optical fibers are manufactured, and where Alicat mass flow controllers and meters fit into the picture.

  • Calibrating a variable area flow meter with an Alicat

    Variable area flow meters, commonly known as rotameters, use the pressure of a flow stream to determine a volumetric flow measurement. The pressure causes a ball within a conical tube to float, and the height is directly correlated with the flow rate of the gas or liquid. When operating in standard fluid, temperature, and pressure […]

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