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  • Certifications for elastomeric components in bioprocessing

    An explanation of common certifications for elastomeric components The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has periodically published standards for Bioprocessing Equipment, with the latest edition being published in 2016 (BPE-2016).1 These standards clearly recommend that only certain materials be used in bioprocessing. Use of 316L stainless steel is commonplace in bioprocessing. Ensuring that the […]

  • Mass flow meters for industrial applications
    Export codes for international orders

    Export classification codes for Alicat products ECCN Export Control Classification Number: EAR99 Harmonized Codes (HTSUS) Alicat mass flow meters (M series): 9026.80.0000 Alicat mass flow controllers (MC series): 9032.89.6060 Alicat liquid flow meters(L series): 9026.10.2040 Alicat liquid flow controllers (LC series): 9032.89.6060 Alicat pressure gauge (P series): 9026.20.0000 Alicat pressure controller (PC series): 9032.89.6050   […]

  • gas flow
    Quality Policy

    Alicat Scientific Quality Policy Provide our customers with competitive, defect-free products that are delivered on-time via a work environment that fosters corporate growth and personal success. Alicat is committed to a policy of quality system management designed to continually monitor and improve our organization, our products and our customer relations. Our Mission: Offer the best solutions for […]

  • Mass flow meters for industrial applications
    Certifications and quality

    Alicat Scientific certifications ISO 9001 Certification Consistently improving quality and ensuring we meet customer’s requirements is the foundation of our business. We are proud to work with the International Standards Organization to ensure our quality management system is the best it can be. ISO 9001 Certificate Alicat Scientific Quality Policy NIST-Traceable Calibration All of our […]

  • Service return checklist

    Service return checklist Please carefully follow the shipping instructions below to reduce shipping damage, delays, and the cost of your service order. IMPORTANT! PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ACCESSORIES WITH YOUR SHIPMENT UNLESS THEY ARE RELATED TO THE REPAIR/PROBLEM. Please remove all connectors, fittings, and/or accessories from any returning units – we do not need your fittings, […]

  • Engineering units

    Selectable engineering units for Alicat flow and pressure instruments Most Alicat gas mass flow meters and mass flow controllers manufactured today feature user-selectable engineering units. (This feature is present in firmware 6v0 or higher.)  

  • Product brochures

    Alicat Scientific product brochures BC BASIS™OEM Mass Flow Controller Brochure CODA Coriolis Brochure EPC/EPCD OEM Electronic Pressure Controller Brochure FP-25 Environmental Flow Standard Brochure L/LC Liquid Flow Meter and Controller Brochure M Mass Flow Meter Brochure MB/MWB Portable Mass Flow Meter Brochure MC/MCD Mass Flow Controller Brochure MCE/MCV Vacuum Mass Flow Controllers Brochure MW/MWB/MCW “Whisper” Low Pressure […]

  • Mass flow meters for industrial applications
    Instrument manuals

    Alicat Scientific instrument manuals You’re busy, and the last thing you want to do is waste time wrestling with your flow controller. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to your new Alicat. Instrument manuals BC BASIS™ OEM Mass Flow Controller Manual EPC/EPCD OEM Electronic Pressure Controller Manual FP-25 Environmental Flow Standard Manual KM CODA Coriolis Meter […]

  • Mass flow meters for industrial applications
    Part Number Decoder

    Alicat Part Number Decoder   There are many ways to customize your Alicat, but added options can sometimes make your part number look like alphabet soup. We’ve compiled the listings below to help you decipher the various elements of your Alicat part number. Most Alicat part numbers consist of a top-level part number and a group […]

  • Specification sheets

    Alicat Scientific specs and drawings Gas Mass Flow Meters and Calibrators M Standard and MB Portable Series 0.5 sccm-5 sccm 10 sccm-20 slpm 50 slpm-5,000 slpm MW “Whisper” Low Pressure Drop Series 0.5 sccm-5 sccm 10 sccm-100 slpm 250 slpm-1,000 slpm MWB Portable Series 0.5 sccm-5 sccm 10 sccm-100 slpm 250 slpm-1,000 slpm  MS Corrosive and […]

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