Category: How it works

  • What are mass flow and volumetric flow?

    What is the difference between mass flow and volumetric flow? Mass flow measures the number of molecules in a flowing gas. Volumetric flow measures the space that those molecules occupy. Because gases are compressible, volumetric flow rates can change substantially when pressure or temperature changes. Volumetric flow rate is a measure of the 3-dimensional space that the […]

  • Theory of Operation: Laminar Flow Measurement

    Alicat mass flow instruments operate on the principle of differential pressure-based laminar flow measurement.

  • What is laminar flow?

    What is the difference between turbulent and laminar flow? Flow is described as laminar when all the fluid (gas or liquid) flows in layers. It is turbulent when the fluid swirls and mixes across the diameter of the pipe. Ensuring that flow stays laminar changes the relationship between flow and pressure, which Alicat uses to […]

  • What is PID tuning (valve tuning)?

    PID tuning is a type of valve tuning that adjusts how the valve(s) on your Alicat flow or pressure controller responds to the setpoints that you command.

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