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  • FAQ: Barometer (-IB sensor)

    FAQ: How adding an internal barometer (-IB sensor) affects an Alicat device Alicat mass flow and absolute pressure devices can be equipped with a barometer (-IB sensor) that provides barometric and gauge pressure information.  Please contact us at 888-290-6060 or info@alicat.com with any questions. What devices can have a barometer added? Alicat’s differential pressure based mass flow meters […]


    Alicat devices can be ordered with either the serial Modbus RTU or the Modbus TCP/IP protocols. Some common information on these protocols is compiled here.

  • FAQ: EtherCAT

    Alicat gas instruments with EtherCAT possess our full Gas Select™ list of gas calibrations, as well as the COMPOSER™ firmware for creating custom high-precision gas mixes of 2-5 gases and storing up to 20 customized gas mix compositions.


    PROFIBUS communications protocols are an option on most Alicat flow controllers, flow meters, and pressure controllers.

  • FAQ: Portable meters

    FAQ: Technical update for portable meters In 2019, Alicat moved to a revised main circuit board. In April of 2019, the Alicat portable meters began shipping with the new main boards. The notable changes are as follows: Portables no longer have an 8-pin mini-din connector or analog outputs Includes a single multipurpose cable for recharging […]

  • FAQ: 8v firmware

    FAQ: Technical update for 8v firmware Published: 13 December 2019 Alicat Scientific has developed a new firmware version (8v) to make the most of our newest electronic package. Please contact us at 888-290-6060 or info@alicat.com with any questions. Which instruments are affected by this change? All Alicat devices, with the exception of Class 1 Div […]

  • FAQ: Calibration types

    FAQ: Calibration types We often receive inquiries about what type of calibration services we offer. Our customers ask about NIST, ISO 17025, or A2LA calibrations. Let’s take a look at each of these terms and how they may relate to Alicat. NIST: The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) manages the national metrology standards […]

  • FAQ: Ordering and purchasing

    FAQ: Ordering and purchasing How do I place an order? There are a few ways to place an order: Call Alicat at +1.888.290.6060. You’ll be connected with an Applications Engineer who will work with you to ensure that you have a quote and can take your order. You can email purchase orders to orders@alicat.com. Get a quote, […]

  • FAQ: Annual recalibration

    FAQ: Annual recalibration When do I need to get my Alicat device calibrated? We recommend sending your units back for yearly recalibration.  This upholds your lifetime warranty and allows our service department to check for any damage to the device.  Over time minor physical changes to the laminar flow elements and pressure sensors inside the […]

  • FAQ: 7v firmware

    FAQ: Technical update for 7v firmware Published: 15 May 2017 Alicat Scientific has developed a new firmware version (7v) that provides a more user-friendly menu structure. Please contact us at 888-290-6060 or info@alicat.com with any questions. Which instruments are affected by this change? All Alicat-branded instruments manufactured on or after May 24, 2017, will ship […]

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