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    How we use your application info to build a custom device

    How we use your application info to build a custom device Alicat mass flow and pressure controllers and meters are custom built to meet specific application needs. Some of the most common considerations when building a custom Alicat solution include: Application Flow rate Fluid type Inlet & outlet pressures Process temperature Analog/digital communication Process threads […]

  • RS485 vs RS232: which is right for you?

    The important differences between the two interfaces have to do with distance of operation, number of devices being used, level of electrical noise, and network topology.

  • Communication protocols: Talking to your Alicat device

    Communication protocols: Talking to your Alicat device Alicat mass flow meters and controllers are feature-rich, multivariate instruments that output a large amount of data. Each device shows unit ID, absolute pressure, temperature, volumetric flow, mass flow, setpoint, and gas type. Any of these parameters can be set as the dominant feature on the device’s display. […]

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    EtherCAT in vacuum and industrial applications

    Manufacturers of Vacuum Deposition systems are increasingly turning to software-based industrial PLCs. These PLCs offer a variety of benefits, including greater productivity, precision performance, cost savings, speed-to-market and the ability to add processes like motion control and machine vision in the future. Because there are so many different Ethernet fieldbus standards available, it’s difficult to […]

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    RS-232 communication with an Alicat

    RS-232 communication with an Alicat The RS-232 protocol is the default method of talking to Alicat devices. While instruments can also be configured using a variety of other protocols (RS-485, Profibus, EtherCAT, Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, DeviceNet, and Ethernet/IP), the tried and true RS-232C communication standard remains the go-to method for commanding and reading Alicats. […]

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    Fast control of gas mass flow and pressure over EtherNet/IP Gas mass flow and pressure control using EtherNet/IP is a popular method of setting up an automated system. A drawback is that digital communications are notoriously slower than analog — and since we have the fastest mass flow controllers in the world, where’s the fun […]