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  • Mass flow for bioreactors: Buyer’s Guide

    Mass flow for bioreactors: Buyer’s Guide Alicat Scientific mass flow meters and controllers are highly configurable – during our last count, we lost track at 1034 configurations. This gives our customers and partners the ability to customize their devices to meet specific application needs. For bioprocessing applications, this includes designing devices for mass flow for […]

  • Rotameters vs. Alicats for bioprocessing

    Rotameters vs. Alicats for bioprocessing Flow meters are indispensable tools for bioprocessing, used to feed bioreactors and monitor critical process parameters. Here we provide a comparison of the operating principles and key features of two flow meter technologies: rotameters and Alicat mass flow meters. We then provide recommended use cases for each technology in bioprocessing […]

  • Is a Coriolis mass flow meter right for you?

    5 considerations when purchasing a Coriolis mass flow meter Coriolis instruments are not only the most accurate way to measure mass flow, they also have a number of other unique capabilities. Here are five important points to consider as you decide if a Coriolis meter is the right choice for your application. 1. Want to […]

  • Ten parameters for choosing flowmeters

    10 parameters for choosing the optimal mass flowmeter for an application

  • Alicat model guide

    This guide describes our product lines to assist you in choosing which model best fits your use case.

  • Types of pressure controllers

    Understanding pressure controller types: pressure reducing regulators and controllers, back pressure controllers, and closed volume pressure controllers.

  • RS485 vs RS232: which is right for you?

    The important differences between the two interfaces have to do with distance of operation, number of devices being used, level of electrical noise, and network topology.

  • gas flow
    How to optimize flow systems

    Making a flow system work best Alicat devices—mass flow control, pressure control, and metering—enable custom solutions for a variety of conditions and materials. Optimizing flow requires understanding and accounting for: Flow range Fluid Valve sizing PID tuning Response time Environmental conditions Pressure differentials This article provides an explanation of, and offers ways of adjusting for, […]

  • Types of gas flow meters

    There are many different ways to measure flow. Here, we present a brief overview of some of these technologies to understand how flow meters work. 

  • Selection guide for pressure

    The questions below can help you narrow down the many options Alicat has for pressure controllers and pressure transducers.

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