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  • All about Coriolis: A collection of information & resources

    A collection of Coriolis information & resources Introduction to Coriolis mass flow devices Challenges of Coriolis mass flow devices Benefits of Coriolis mass flow devices Coriolis flow meter operating principle Considerations when purchasing a Coriolis mass flow meter Coriolis mass flow applications Pharmaceutical processing Semiconductor processes Non-Newtonian fluids Fragrance dosing Dosing in food & beverage […]

  • Clamp-on flow meters and Alicat portable flow meters

    Clamp-on flow meters and Alicat portable flow meters A key benefit of portable flow meters is their ability to measure flow without needing to be built into your process. Here we analyze two portable flow meter technologies: the commonly used ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter and the Alicat portable differential pressure mass flow meter. We will discuss […]

  • Which portable flow meter is right for you?

    Which portable flow meter is right for you? Alicat offers several types of portable mass flow meters to use for quick flow verification and easy calibration in a variety of applications. Portable flow meter options include models from our standard differential pressure series, portable differential pressure liquid meters, and complete on-the-go calibration kits. Here we […]

  • Types of flow meters for low-flow liquid

    Using flow technology for low-flow liquid applications There is a wide range of flow measurement technologies available for low-flow liquid applications, from mass flow and differential pressure to velocity flow and positive displacement. Here we analyze some of the most popular low-flow liquid flow metering solutions and evaluate use cases of each. Skip ahead to… […]

  • Device guide for bioreactor mass flow controllers

    Device guide: Bioreactor mass flow controllers Alicat Scientific mass flow meters and controllers are highly configurable – during our last count, we lost track at 1034 configurations. This gives our customers and partners the ability to customize their devices to meet specific application needs. For bioprocessing applications, this includes specified bioreactor mass flow controllers with […]

  • Rotameters vs. Alicat flow meters in bioprocessing

    Flow meters for bioprocessing: Rotameters vs. Alicats Any bioprocess needs flow meters to feed bioreactors, drive filtration and chromatography, and monitor critical process parameters. Here we provide a comparison of the operating principles and key features of two flow meter technologies: rotameters and Alicat mass flow meters. We then provide recommended use cases for each […]

  • When to use a Coriolis meter

    When to use a Coriolis meter Coriolis instruments are not only the most accurate way to measure mass flow, they also have a number of other unique capabilities. Here are five important points as you consider when to use a Coriolis meter for various applications. 1. Do you want to measure mass flow directly? Do […]

  • Ten parameters for choosing flow meters

    10 parameters for choosing the optimal mass flow meter for an application

  • Model guide

    This guide describes our product lines to assist you in choosing which model best fits your use case.

  • Types of pressure controllers

    Understanding pressure controller types: pressure reducing regulators and controllers, back pressure controllers, and closed volume pressure controllers.