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  • Alicat mass flow controllers resist back pressure contamination

    Evaluation of Alicat Mass Flow Controllers’ Resistance to Back Pressure Contamination Mic Chaudoir, Ph.D. Rohan Morajkar, Ph.D. Introduction Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are essential to many modern production and test processes. Precise and reliable flow control is particularly important for efficient, sustainable production in applications such as glass fabrication and bioprocessing. Within such processes, MFCs […]

  • More efficient flow control for bioreactors and bioprocess systems

    A demonstration of reducing cost and complexity for gas inputs through use of high controllable range, multi-gas, differential pressure-based mass flow controllers. Mic Chaudoir, Ph.D. Chip Stacy, AbbVie Senior Engineer of Digital Systems As the need for potent and specific pharmaceuticals grows, pharmaceutical manufacturers have turned to biologics to meet the increasing needs and find […]