Category: Testing and leak checking applications

  • Appnote: Testing a tube bore for imperfections

    When Alicat received an inquiry to test bore imperfections in 0.001 bore tubes, our engineers stepped up to the challenge.

  • Appnote: High-speed aerodynamic test

    High-speed aerodynamic test In Aerospace development and testing, there are frequently occasions where aerodynamicists need to pressurize a large volume (>100 Liters) to high pressures (>150 PSIG). These aerospace applications require both high flow rates, as well as high pressures. For these aerospace pressure control applications, there can be limits on the mass flow that […]

  • Appnote: Alicat controllers in SOFC applications

    SOFC fuel cell temperature control Traditional fuel cell stacks are dependent upon mass flow control devices to regulate the flow of fuel gas into the reformer (in the case of hydrocarbon fueled systems) or hydrogen and air or oxygen directly into the stack (in the case of hydrogen fueled systems). SOFC stacks have the additional […]

  • Appnote: Mixed gas re-metering

    Mixed gas re-metering Some production processes gain substantial quality and yield improvements through mixed gas re-metering. Historically, there have been few technologies that can support mixed gas re-metering, particularly in flows below 20SLPM or operating at low pressures. One solution uses Alicat’s mass flow meters in combination with the Wilke Semi-empirical method for mixed gas […]

  • Appnote: Filter characterization with differential pressure

    Filter characterization with differential pressure An Alicat Differential Pressure Controller is used to characterize a filter’s flow vs. a pressure drop curve. The PC-15PSID-D pressure controller is used to set the pressure drop across the filter. The M-10SLPM-D mass flow meter is used to measure the flow rate required to generate that pressure drop. As […]

  • Appnote: High efficiency helium leak check

    High efficiency helium leak check Using Alicat Instruments in High Efficiency Helium Leak Check via Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection (HMSLD) The interior of a test article is connected to a mass spectrometer leak test apparatus. This is placed in a chamber. The chamber is evacuated through a connection to an Alicat PCD-30PSIA-D Dual Valve […]

  • Appnote: Even faster (and simpler) leak checking

    Even faster (and simpler) leak checking Fast and accurate leak checking can be a complicated process requiring a rather complex setup. When the Device Under Test (DUT) is subjected to a constant pressure within a closed system, any resulting flow is a direct measure of the DUT’s leakage. This test requires both stable pressure control […]

  • Appnote: Faster leak checking

    Faster leak checking Many processes require a fast, accurate and reliable method for leak checking components. This can be accomplished by utilizing an Alicat Scientific M Series Mass Flow Meter sized appropriately for the expected leak rate and an Alicat Scientific PC3 Series Remote Sensing Pressure Controller sized for the required pressure. Alicat Scientific M-Series […]