Category: Pressure control applications

  • How to Switch from Forward to Back Control

    Sometimes applications will require control of the process ‘upstream’ of the Alicat instrument (a traditional back-pressure control situation, for example). For these cases, the valve needs to be in the downstream position.  Just make sure to let us know when you order, and we’ll take care of the rest.  If you need to change a […]

  • Absolute Pressure Control = Absolute Temperature Control

    Alicat absolute pressure controllers enable direction of cryogen pressures ensuring precise temperature. Neil Hartmann, CTO Cryogens are loosely defined as substances which liquefy at or below 120 K under standard pressure (760 Torr).1 Cryogens are used for applications including cryopreservation, rocket propulsion, and medical imaging. All of these applications share a need for temperatures under […]

  • Mass flow pressure controllers in the automotive industry.
    Shaping a Paint Stream Using Mass Flow Pressure Controllers

    Automatic paint sprayers, like those used in the automotive industry, require a constant flow of gas and paint to evenly apply a coat of paint to a surface. While atomizing the paint, the amount gas and paint supplied to the electric field can be adjusted to shape the stream of paint. This creates a consistent, […]

  • Regulating Vacuum When the Vacuum Source Varies

    The efficiency of any vacuum process depends greatly on the stability of the vacuum that is maintained in the chamber. Examples of this abound, including ensuring a clean diamond with the desired internal structure in artificial diamond manufacturing and or carbon nano tube generation, where a stable vacuum level is crucial in facilitating efficient CNT […]

  • Apollo Command Service Module
    High-Speed Aerodynamic Test

    In Aerospace development and testing, there are frequently occasions where aerodynamicists need to pressurize a large volume (>100 Liters) to high pressures (>150 PSIG). These aerospace applications require both high flow rates, as well as high pressures. For these aerospace pressure control applications, there can be limits on the mass flow that can be achieved […]

  • Achieving more repeatable coatings with faster, more precise pressure control

    Achieving more repeatable coatings with faster, more precise pressure control Issue: Uneven coating quality and poor repeatability, resulting from fluctuations in vacuum chamber pressure.  Cause and Context In the rarefied atmospheres of vacuum coating systems, pressure fluctuations arise—and small changes count for a lot. From the interaction of control components and asynchronous operation of those […]

  • Upstream pressure control increases stability and speed in vacuum deposition applications

    Placing pressure control devices upstream of the chamber in vacuum coating applications saves time, cost, and increases accuracy in vacuum deposition tools.

  • External Ion Gauge Vacuum Control System

    App Note: External Ion Gauge Vacuum Control System Research projects involving isolated chambers with decomposing organic components often use rotometers. The external ion gauge vacuum control system uses a special configuration of the Alicat single valve pressure controller. Alicat’s External Ion Gauge Vacuum Controller was designed specifically for the vacuum coating industry. This innovation circumvents […]

  • Pressure Control with Remote Sense Line

    App Note: Pressure Control with Remote Sense Line Pressure Control with Sense Port An Alicat Dual Valve Pressure Controller with External Pressure Port (PCD3-100PSIG-D) is used to control the process pressure in a closed chamber. Because the flow rate into the chamber can be quite high, a significant flow induced pressure drop may occur in […]

  • Fluid Dispensing Using Pressure Control

    App Note: Fluid Dispensing Using Pressure Control In silicon wafer polishing systems (and often in biotech processes), head pressure in a liquid chamber is used to deliver fluid from the chamber into the application. To ensure accurate delivery, the headspace pressure must be incredibly precise. Nitrogen, vented to atmosphere through an exhaust valve, is the […]

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