Category: Measurement and calibration applications

  • Vent Gas & Green House Gas Emissions Measurement

    Portable gas flow meters are use multiple flow sensors to capture pressure, temperature, and flow data quickly at the source.

  • Mass flow calibration where you need it
    A Practical Guide to Flow Calibration Success

    This is an introductory guide to flow calibration success. It includes annual recalibration FAQ, calibration types, understanding calibration specifications, and relevant articles on the topic. Annual Recalibration FAQ This FAQ shows the benefits of annual recalibration and answers your questions about our calibration solutions. Calibration Types: NIST, ISO 17025, and A2LA We often receive inquiries […]

  • Why Recalibrate Your Alicat Device Annually?

    To ensure maximum flow measurement accuracy, we recommend that Alicat meters and controllers are recalibrated annually.

  • Optimizing Bioreactor Production

    Bioreactors are used for producing bio-adaptive medicines, fertilizers and pesticides, brewing beer, refining ethanol and treating wastewater.

  • In-House Check of Gas Chromatograph Operation

    App Note: In-House Check of Gas Chromatograph Operation Gas chromatographs (GCs) detect materials at molecular level by preparing a sample of the material that is “carried” on a gas stream into the GC. The carrier gas flow stream is sent into small capillary flow tubes and then into detectors to sense and quantify the suspected […]

  • Calibration of Flow Controllers for Air Canister Sampling

    App Note: Calibration of Flow Controllers for Air Canister Sampling Canisters built for air sampling draw air into them using vacuum and passive flow control. With no more of a user interface than a simple screw adjustment, the integrated flow controllers require connection to a volumetric flow meter to establish their test flow rates. The […]

  • Measuring Bidirectional Air Flow from Furnace Bellows

    App Note: Measuring Bidirectional Air Flow from Furnace Bellows The flow meter is measuring the air flow to and from a contained furnace to help in maintaining consistent temperatures. Using the bi-directional meter allows for the replacement of two individual flow meters and all the associated plumbing. The temperature and pressure signals are also incorporated […]

  • Flame and Burner Monitoring

    App Note: Flame and Burner Monitoring The flow meter is used to measure the flow of fuels such as Propane, Butane, Acetylene, or Methane (Natural Gas) to a burner or flame head. Oxygen or Air flow can also be easily measured in the same device. Mass flow measurements are used to determine and regulate the […]

  • Bioreactor Outgassing

    Application Note: Bioreactor Outgassing Research projects involving isolated chambers with decomposing organic components often use rotometers. The gas is released from the chamber and metered into a gas analyzer to determine the actual gas constituents. The diagram demonstrates how an Alicat micro-flow mass meter (MFM) can be used instead of a rotometer to gain substantial […]

  • Verification, Validation or Calibration?

    Verification, validation and calibration are different but interrelated processes that are often confused. Ask three people what these terms mean, and you will get three different answers. At a basic level, the three terms may be defined as follows: Calibration ensures the measurement accuracy of an instrument compared to an known standard Verification ensures the […]

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