Category: Flow measurement applications

  • How to Change Selection From Mass to Volumetric Flow on Your Alicat

    As both mass and volumetric flow readings are provided by Alicats, it gives you the freedom to choose the parameter that you wish to measure or control depending on what is required in your application.

  • App Note: Testing a Tube Bore for Imperfections

    When Alicat received an inquiry to test bore imperfections in 0.001 bore tubes, our engineers stepped up to the challenge.

  • Biosphere 2
    Biosphere 2 – Using Flow Measurement to Glimpse the Future

    As the Earth’s climate changes, it is expected that ecosystems around the world will be subjected to increased water stress and/or drought. It is difficult to forecast the range of impacts climate change will have on soil, air, and water quality. In 2019, a group of interdisciplinary scientists from around the world came together to […]

  • Fast, Flexible Leak Testing for Single-Use Bioprocessing

    How do you know that your bioprocessing is free from costly leaks or integrity failures? Leak testing of single use systems can now be accomplished easily and quickly with an Alicat Scientific Whisper Series Mass Flow Meter.

  • External Ion Gauge Vacuum Control System

    App Note: External Ion Gauge Vacuum Control System Research projects involving isolated chambers with decomposing organic components often use rotometers. The external ion gauge vacuum control system uses a special configuration of the Alicat single valve pressure controller. Alicat’s External Ion Gauge Vacuum Controller was designed specifically for the vacuum coating industry. This innovation circumvents […]

  • Filter Characterization with Differential Pressure

    App Note: Filter Characterization with Differential Pressure   An Alicat Differential Pressure Controller is used to characterize a filter’s flow vs. a pressure drop curve. The PC-15PSID-D pressure controller is used to set the pressure drop across the filter. The M-10SLPM-D mass flow meter is used to measure the flow rate required to generate that […]

  • Using Mass Flow Rate to Replace Pin Gauge Testing

    App Note: Using Mass Flow Rate to Replace Pin Gauge Testing Companies continually seek ways to cut costs and improve cycle times. Alicat routinely receives inquiries from customers looking to leverage our technology to accomplish those goals. A customer recently contacted us hoping to improve the speed and reliability of his go/no-go test. The test […]

  • Even Faster (and Simpler) Leak Checking

    App Note: Even Faster (and Simpler) Leak Checking Fast and accurate leak checking can be a complicated process requiring a rather complex setup. When the Device Under Test (DUT) is subjected to a constant pressure within a closed system, any resulting flow is a direct measure of the DUT’s leakage. This test requires both stable […]

  • Faster Leak Checking

    App Note: Faster Leak Checking Many processes require a fast, accurate and reliable method for leak checking components. This can be accomplished by utilizing an Alicat Scientific M Series Mass Flow Meter sized appropriately for the expected leak rate and an Alicat Scientific PC3 Series Remote Sensing Pressure Controller sized for the required pressure. Alicat […]

  • In-House Check of Gas Chromatograph Operation

    App Note: In-House Check of Gas Chromatograph Operation Gas chromatographs (GCs) detect materials at molecular level by preparing a sample of the material that is “carried” on a gas stream into the GC. The carrier gas flow stream is sent into small capillary flow tubes and then into detectors to sense and quantify the suspected […]

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