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  • Appnote: Scaling challenges of bioreactor sparging

    Scaling challenges of bioreactor sparging This article was originally published in Fluid Handling Pro on June 29, 2021. Read the original article here. Every bioreactor sparging system is designed for the introduction of oxygen to feed cell cultures. Meanwhile, the system must remove carbon dioxide to prevent toxic buildups that would damage the cells. Various bioreactor […]

  • White paper: Alicat Mass Flow Controllers Resist Backpressure Contamination

    Evaluation of Alicat Mass Flow Controllers’ Resistance to Backpressure Contamination Mic Chaudoir, Ph.D. Rohan Morajkar, Ph.D. Introduction Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are essential to many modern production and test processes. Precise and reliable flow control is particularly important for efficient, sustainable production in applications such as glass fabrication and bioprocessing. Within such processes, MFCs occasionally […]

  • White paper: More efficient flow control for bioreactors and bioprocess systems

    A demonstration of reducing cost and complexity for gas inputs through use of high controllable range, multi-gas, differential pressure-based mass flow controllers. Mic Chaudoir, Ph.D. Chip Stacy, AbbVie Senior Engineer of Digital Systems As the need for potent and specific pharmaceuticals grows, pharmaceutical manufacturers have turned to biologics to meet the increasing needs and find […]

  • Appnote: Brewing with Alicat

    Brewing with Alicat For many people around the world who consume alcohol, beer is the drink of choice. Whether ale or lager, bubbles of carbon dioxide can be the not-so-subtle difference between a refreshing pint and a flat disappointment. The average beer drinker may know when their suds’ carbonation is just right, but they might […]

  • Appnote: Enabling oxygen concentration fuels glass production

    Oxygen concentrators are often used in modern glass manufacturing to improve process efficiency. They provide the oxidizer needed to generate high temperature flames without the heat absorbing presence of nitrogen.

  • Appnote: Simple, acccurate control for enhanced preform surface polishing

    An easy to use, low cost system for enhancement of existing glass lathes Ensuring the highest quality of preforms used in the fiber draw process is a critical step for all types of fiber optic cable. The preform is a specially constructed glass rod, from which a desired fiber optic cable is drawn. The preform […]

  • Appnote: Elastomer considerations for bioreactors

    Bioprocessing has very specific requirements for wetted materials, in order to avoid contamination of the bioreactor environment. The main potential contaminants are materials outgassed from elastomers, typically adsorbed onto elastomers during polymerization. While mass flow meters typically lie outside of the sterile boundary, and should not have contact with the final product, it is still good practice to follow the BPE-2016 standards. To avoid the impacts of outgassing, Alicat uses only USP Class VI elastomers with good permeation resistance. Additionally, elastomers used should be FDA certified. All of Alicat’s units use corrosion resistant elastomers recommended by the BPE-2016 standards. While several types of elastomer are available, Viton brand FKM (Fluoroelastomer ASTM D1418) meets the BPE 2016 standards, as well as being available in USP Class VI FDA certified form. Viton branded FKM also carries the implicit guarantee of Dupont’s high quality manufacturing standards. Alicat understands the importance of choosing a mass flow meter which meets these requirements– and helps avoid potential contaminations of bioprocesses.

  • Appnote: Lowered cost and increased speed for biologics production

    Increasing efficiency of bioreactions With protocols for bioprocessing firmly established, there is an increasing focus on reducing the cost of producing biologics, biosimilars, mABs and other modern medicines that require bioreactions. Producing these pharmaceuticals promises to revolutionize treatment of many difficult diseases, especially modern scourges that have been resistant to small molecule-based therapies. Focus on […]

  • Appnote: Optimizing bioreactor production

    Optimizing bioreactor production Bioreactors are used in a growing number of applications, from producing bio-adaptive medicines or environmentally-friendly fertilizers and pesticides, to brewing beer, refining ethanol and treating wastewater. The increase in biologics production and single use reactors has led to a need for even greater precision and flexibility in instrumentation. Alicat Scientific’s broad range […]

  • Case study: Making distilled spirits better with Persedo and Alicat instruments

    Persedo uses an Alicat mass flow controller to precisely control flow rates of food-grade gases flow into their distilled spirits processing system.