Category: Case studies

  • Alicats in plant biology reseach

    Lancaster University, UK: Lancaster Environment Centre Whole plant chamber to examine sensitivity of cereal gas exchange to changes in evaporative demand A plant’s ability to make efficient use of its water supply is key to efficient growth and biomass accumulation. Stomatal pores on the leaves adjust their aperture in response to atmospheric changes in temperature […]

  • Alicats in pulmonary medicine research

    University of Oxford: Department of Engineering Science, and Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Assessment of lung function using a non-invasive oscillating gas-forcing technique Monitoring lung function typically requires an array of specialised, complex gas analysers as well as patient cooperation. Making the estimation of lung variables to deduce the appropriate therapeutic measures in an intensive […]

  • framergy uses metal organic frameworks to make a cleaner world

    framergy: Making the world cleaner with metal organic frameworks Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a novel class of nanomaterials which are highly effective as a solid adsorbent and utilize their unique “cage-like” structure to trap molecules. Because of these properties, MOFs have been studied for numerous fluid storage, separation, and purification applications. The company, framergy, […]

  • Inchfab uses mass flow control in nanoscale fabrication systems

    Inchfab: nanoscale fabrication systems The increasing demand for computing power over the last 60+ years has led to exponential increases in both device complexity and production volumes. The high cost and minimal flexibility of nanoscale fabrication has become a major barrier in many different markets for groups seeking to develop innovative devices. Inchfab’s novel platform […]

  • KimPro Energy reduces oil and gas methane emissions

    KimPro Energy works with Alicat to design advanced flow meters to help the oil and gas industry meet increasing government regulations Tucson, AZ – March 24, 2020 Alicat combines forces with KimPro Energy to make fast, practical, and technologically advanced meters designed specifically for oil and gas emissions monitoring. In response to the global climate […]

  • Biosphere 2
    Biosphere 2 studies the impacts of drought on rainforests

    Biosphere 2: Using flow measurement to study the impacts of drought on tropical rainforests Background As the Earth’s climate changes, scientists expect that a hotter, drier world will have severe impacts on global ecosystems, with many areas subjected to increased water stress and/or drought. However, it is difficult to forecast the specific impacts climate change […]

  • Precise mass flow enables novel pollution sensing technologies

    Alicat Mass Flow provides accurate control of gasses under test The growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) is driving the need for smaller and more ubiquitous sensors. Normally, one thinks of optical or electrical sensors in this context. This type of measurement has typically been in the province of automotive and process control industries […]

  • Veloce uses precision pressure control for the Veloce echelle spectrograph

    by Dr. James Gilbert This “Alicats in the Wild” blog post comes courtesy of our Australian distributor, Duff & Macintosh Pty Ltd. Veloce integrates a highly-customized Alicat closed-volume pressure controller for stable precision pressure control of air inside the instrument. Precision pressure control for the Veloce echell spetrograph Veloce was built primarily to detect stars that are […]

  • Persedo assures quality of distilled spirits

    Persedo uses an Alicat mass flow controller to precisely control flow rates of food-grade gases flow into their distilled spirits processing system.

  • ILS Automation makes the transition to the Industrial Internet of Things easier with mass flow control

    ILS Automation makes the transition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) easier with Alicat mass flow controllers. Specializing in process integration for bioreactors, ILS Automation supplies precise control hardware and software to the fermentation, cell culture, and biofuel industries. When ILS needed highly accurate and reliable mass flow controllers that were easy to integrate, it found the […]