Pressure control system for automated paint application

Automation of paint application pressure control system

ACME Robotics has a semi-automatic paint spraying machine. Semi-automatic, you ask?
What does that mean? It means that if they want to adjust the flow of N2 around the paint distribution capillary tube, the must do it manually via a regulator.

They want to produce this equipment for mass distribution, but how can they make this equipment idiot-proof? Through automation. How, you ask?

With an Alicat MC-5SLPM-D mass flow controller. With this device, the OEM can adjust the setpoint for maximum efficiency prior to the equipment leaving the factory. The equipment can now be completely automated and eliminate potential operator error.

The precise control of N2 also allows for maximum efficiency (less waste) of paint drawn through the nebulizer.

Need: Ability to automate a robotic paint system for mass produced OEM equipment.
Solution: MC-5SLPM-D mass flow controller

Application Notes:
N2 from an industrial bottle @ 0-100 PSIG, 5 SLPM max.

  • Alicat devices can be integrated into existing processes for complete automation
  • Alicat has established relationships with OEMs across a wide array of industries.
  • Precisely controlled flow rates allow for better efficiency and less waste.
  • Via R-S232, the Alicat will report mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature readings. By
    monitoring these additional parameters, the user can insure that optimal conditions are maintained
    for the best possible paint application