Integrate a fast flow controller into your networked system

Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet now available on mass flow controllers, meters and pressure controllers
Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet

Two new networking industrial protocols compatible with Alicat Instruments.

What’s cooler than having the world’s fastest lab-quality flow or pressure control device?

Did you think, “Networking that baby into an industrial process!”? Well, you read our minds, because so did we! … That’s so spooky!

Connecting flow and pressure controllers or meters to an industrial i/o system is easier than ever with the addition of Ethernet/IP or DeviceNet protocols. This brings the available list of protocols on Alicats to four:

  • Modbus
  • Ethernet/IP
  • DeviceNet

The new protocols are available on our mass flow controllers, series mass flow meters, and pressure controller products, as well as their versions in stainless, liquids, high pressure, high flow, dual valve, Whisper low pressure drop, and the like.

To get a protocol on your Alicat device, simply request the option when you order. The protocols are not available as retrofits. Visit our product options page to find additional information about the protocols available. Or ask our applications engineers. They love solving problems.