Hydrogen System Applications

Developing cutting edge, scalable hydrogen infrastructure requires instruments to meet the needs of the H₂ industry.

Alicat is dedicated to providing custom mass flow and pressure regulation solutions for fuel cell R&D applications. From direct regulation of electrolysis and fuel cell system processes, to test benches for membrane and catalyst verification, we provide process solutions so you can focus on creating a more sustainable future.

Using Alicat laminar flow instruments means:

  • Simultaneous flow, pressure, and temperature sensing
  • Front panel display for continuous feedback and control
  • Operating ranges from 0.01 to 100% of full scale
  • Moisture resistance with additional anti-corrosive option available
  • 98 pre-programmed gases as standard (128 for anti-corrosive devices) – with no recalibration or k-factors required
  • Custom valve tuning for maximum control stability
  • Additional options: ATEX certification, remote valves and sensors, and multiple communication protocols


Specialist test bench equipment, OEM solutions for fuel cell systems, and everything in between

Our applications engineers are readily available to discuss your application and help you find the best flow or pressure solution for your process.

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PEM electrolysis testing

Fuel cell and electrolyser testing and regulation solutions

Alicat mass flow and pressure regulation units are best known in the hydrogen industry for their use in fuel cell test benches. As the hydrogen economy continues to develop, we are working to provide solutions usable throughout the entire hydrogen supply chain.

Tips and tricks for test bench instrumentation

Reliable and adaptive instrumentation is the key to effective fuel cell R&D. Here we discuss how to get the most out of the instruments in your test setup, so you can focus on your research with as little worry as possible.

PEM fuel cell stack testing
Fuel cell system leak check setup

Hydrogen leak detection

Hydrogen can be challenging to work with. Due to its low density, hydrogen is prone to leaking and these leaks be difficult to detect. This is a source of system inefficiency and also presents a safety risk. The high sensitivity and accuracy of Alicat units make them ideal for leak checking hydrogen systems.

SOFC temperature control

Accurate, even temperature control across a fuel cell stack is key to system efficiency and longevity. With control response times under 50 ms and compatibility with a range of communication protocols and PLCs, Alicat high flow controllers are ideal for precise, stable regulation of both reactant gas flow and preheater performance.