2023 Alicat Scientific™ Instrumentation Grant Program

Accepting applications until 30 September 2023

Alicat Scientific instruments have long played a role in forwarding research that aims to create innovative solutions for some of the world’s current problems. To aid that research, we are offering a grant program for research universities and institutes that are working on projects to make the world safer, cleaner, and healthier.

Our versatile, user-friendly gas and liquid flow and pressure control instruments are especially well-suited to lab researcher’s needs. Please pass this announcement on to anyone you know who may best benefit from this program.


Congratulations to last year’s 2022 Award recipients:

Inspiration Award – Steven Bustillos, University of California Los Angeles

Creative Solution Award – Peter Ricci, University of Rhode Island and Johann Moritz Reumschüssel, TU Berlin

Merit Award – Xingchen Ye, Indiana University; Vinny Gupta, University of Sydney; Laurence Boss, University of New South Wales and Bharath Tata, University of Colorado Boulder

Watch the 2022 online award presentations here:

Comments from previous winners:

“[Using Alicat devices] I was able to achieve what was initially proposed: go from a bench-scale demonstration to a pilot-scale for the CO2 sequestration and utilization of industrial waste brines after receiving the units. The data collected has been written-up and sent for publication. The units are now being used for another CO2 removal process that I am currently working on.” -Steven Bustillos

“…the application was quite straightforward which I appreciated. I also enjoyed getting to hear about other people’s research, and how they’d use the grant funds, as well as getting to share my own work.” -Laurence Boss

“…it is beneficial to speak to an applications engineer and discuss exactly what may be needed for the research project at any point during the application process. I recall needing to specify flow rate requirements in the statement of work, so it would be beneficial for someone to discuss with an applications engineer to confirm the award can meet their requirements. It benefitted my lab as well because we made a new contact for future orders.” -Steven Bustillos

Please click here to access our application form.

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