Future Leaders Take on Alicat’s Air Monitoring Market

Alicat is proud to be part of the Halma family of companies. Halma companies work to create a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. Alicat’s air monitoring products contribute to the environmental and public health component of this mission.

Learning From Our Future Leaders

Alicat has been engaged in the air monitoring market for years, but we had the opportunity to view our air monitoring device FP-25 from a fresh perspective when Halma’s Future Leader Program came to visit. The Future Leaders program is comprised of intelligent, driven, and enthusiastic recent graduates. To encourage well-rounded growth, participants are exposed to a range of business related trainings through the program.

On May 17th 2019, 15 future leaders visited Alicat Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona to participate in a marketing training event.

In just one day, teams were tasked with developing marketing content ideas to communicate to our markets. These young leaders learned about Alicat’s history, products, and culture in the morning, and by afternoon to come-up with a strategies, ideas, and materials.

We Were Astonished

Two teams took on the environmental market and focused on developing content tailored for our air monitoring FP-25 device. The results were one full blown campaign plan and this video about why customers love the FP-25.

The Proof is in the Pudding

At the end of this day we were so impressed with the results. We never expected that there would be time to develop usable content, but we were wrong. This experience demonstrates how Halma is making their mission come true, by investing in people and companies that make things happen.

Saving the World, One Calibration at a Time

Our low-pressure drop Whisper  Series Mass Flow Meters are used by municipalities, cities, states, and countries to calibrate ambient air quality monitoring devices. Our mass flow meters are used to calibrate particulate monitoring (PM) machines, air sampling canisters, pesticide monitoring machines, and other analyzers. Calibration is important to ensure good data. Bad data can have political, legislative, and/or societal impacts. Because calibration takes time and skill, we worked with air quality technicians to specially design a product that is both compliant with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and meet the demands of air quality technicians.

The FP-25: Fast, Accurate, Reliable

The FP-25 is a highly precise, NIST-traceable device that can measure mass flow to an accuracy of +/-1% of reading. To make calibration faster and safer, there is a Bluetooth function which allows technicians to complete calibration from a distance. The device itself is built to be used in the field and can withstand being dropped from rooftops.