Fusion Flow Technologies releases its revolutionary ‘MXM’ dynamic gas mixing platform

Fusion Flow Technologies releases its revolutionary ‘MXM’ dynamic gas mixing platform

The Fusion Flow Technologies MXM gas mixing system allows research laboratories, process facilities, equipment manufacturers and light industries to easily create precision, on-demand gas mixtures.

Tucson, AZ – February 21, 2020

Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

Fusion Flow Technologies, the newly formed turn-key solutions division of Alicat Scientific, Inc., is announcing the launch of its “Fusion Flow™ MXM” dynamic gas mixing platform.

Each MXM system is custom built to deliver fully controllable gaseous blends to almost any laboratory, industrial, or R&D process with NIST traceable precision by employing Alicat Scientific’s high performance mass flow controllers.

The Fusion Flow™ MXM is a flexible, small form, turn-key instrument with advanced pressure control capabilities. With four highly configurable build options, automated gas mixtures of up to ten constituents can be flow- or pressure-controlled without the need for additional outboard hardware.

The MXM is intended for percent level gas mixing of the standard 130 non-corrosive and corrosive gases available on Alicat controllers. In addition, it can accept the input of pre-mixed ppm level gases. Fusion Flow’s proprietary firmware and software keeps track of all gases, their flow, their pressures, and relative ratios, and reports on them in various ways.

The Fusion Flow™ MXM is available for sale now.


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Fusion Flow Technology’s gas mixing systems enable users to perform gas pressure and flow control for a wide range of applications. Every system is custom-built to customer specifications. FusionFlowTech.com