Flow measurement and control for high pressure flow systems

September 12, 2016

Alicat mass flow controllers and meters are now available up to 320 PSIA (22 bar), expanding the applications they are usable within. Like our standard instruments, the high pressure MQ-Series and MCQ-Series come equipped with our Composer™ software and can save up to 20 custom gas mixes, composed from up to five of the 98 standard on-board gas calibrations. And the devices can be ordered in the same full scale ranges as the standard products, so it doesn’t matter if you are flowing less than 0.5 SCCM or as high as 5000 SLPM. You can get a meter or controller for your application.

To maximize measurement resolution and  control response times, MCQ high pressure controllers feature valves and sensors ranged specifically to your application. Our standard control response time is less than 100 ms, and with custom tuning you can see performance under 50 ms (ask your application engineer for help with this). With Alicat’s industry-leading control response time, you can be assured that your process will be rock steady, regardless of disturbances.

Contact an applications engineer for support

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