December 7, 2016

Photo of EPC-Series electronic pressure controller

EPC-Series single valve pressure controller

Alicat has added two new families of electronic pressure controllers specifically for high volume original equipment manufacture. The EPC-Series is equipped with single proportional valves and the EPCD-Series is equipped with dual valves. The small footprint instruments respond quickly to upstream fluctuations to provide fast, accurate control of pressure in an economical, easy-to-integrate package. Alicat offers a choice of valves, valve orifices and, process connections to fit customer specifications. EPC instruments are ideal anywhere highly responsive pressure control is required, such as in gas chromatographs and flow cytometry fluid dispensing systems.

EPC and EPCD instruments have a 100 ms control response to still upstream pressure fluctuations in real time, with NIST-traceable accuracy of 0.125% full-scale. The EPC-Series provides stable control of pressure in flowing applications, such as maintaining flow of carrier gas through the sample injection point in a gas chromatograph. The EPCD features a second exhaust valve to provide efficient control of pressure in closed volumes, such as controlling the head space above a fluid for dispensing.

Alicat offers NPT, SAE, downport, and NeSSi process connections. Both digital (RS-232, RS-485, Modbus) and analog (0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA) communications are available to suit a range of end-user products. A choice in valve type and orifice allows for configuration to specific flow requirements for the best speed and stability.

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