Process Connections

Process Port Options

Most Alicat pressure and flow instruments come with threaded female NPT process connections by default, but we offer many customization options, so you can incorporate your new Alicat into your existing plumbing. After you select a port type, your Alicat applications engineer will recommend a specific port size in order to minimize dead volume and ensure your full-scale flow rate can be achieved.

Available Process Connections

  • Threaded ports
    • NPT
    • SAE J1926
    • SAE AS5202
    • BSPP/G
  • Down port connections
    • NeSSI-compliant down port (NESSI)
    • Down port, mounting screws thread from below (DPORT)
    • Down port, mounting screws thread from above (TMDPORT)
  • Welded fittings
    • Compression (COMP)
    • VCR
    • VCO

Alicat also offers threaded compression fittings for our default NPT process ports.

NPT Threaded Ports (default for most instruments)


NPT SizeDefault Flow RangesWhisper Series Flow Ranges
M5/10-32 UNF with 1/8” NPT fitting0.5-50 SCCM0.5-20 SCCM
1/8”100 SCCM-20 SLPM50 SCCM – 5 SLPM
1/4″50-100 SLPM10-20 SLPM
1/2″250 SLPM40 SLPM
3/4″500-2000 SLPM50-500 SLPM
1-1/4”3000 SLPM
2”5000 SLPM1000 SLPM

SAE J1926 Threaded Ports


Dash SizeO-Ring ThreadProcess Boss Port SizeRecommended Flow Ranges
M5 (10-32 UNF)0.5-50 SCCM
25/16-241/8”10-50 SCCM
47/16-201/4”100 SCCM–20 SLPM
69/16-183/8”50-100 SLPM
83/4-161/2”250 SLPM
107/8-145/8”500-1000 SLPM
121-1/16-123/4″1500 SLPM
161-5/16-121”2000-3000 SLPM
241-7/8-121-1/2”5000 SLPM

SAE AS5202 Threaded Ports


Dash SizeO-Ring ThreadProcess Boss Port SizeRecommended Flow Ranges
47/16-201/4″100 SCCM-10SLPM
69/16-183/8”20-100 SLPM
83/4-161/2”250 SLPM

BSPP/G-Series Threaded Ports


BSPP/G-Series SizeRecommended Flow Ranges
1/8”100 SCCM-20 SLPM
1/4”50-100 SLPM
3/8”50-250 SLPM
1/2”250 SLPM
3/4”500-2000 SLPM

Ports with Welded Compression Fittings


Tube SizeRecommended Flow Ranges
1/4″ welded compression100 SCCM-100 SLPM
3/8” welded compression50-250 SLPM
1/2″ welded compression50-500 SLPM

Ports with Welded VCR Fittings


VCR Size and GenderRecommended Flow Ranges
1/8” welded VCR female0.5-50 SCCM
1/4” welded VCR male100 SCCM-100 SLPM
1/2″ welded VCR male50-250 SLPM
1” welded VCR male500-3000 SLPM

Ports with Welded VCO Fittings


VCO SizeRecommended Flow Ranges
1/8” welded VCO0.5-50 SCCM
1/4″ welded VCO100 SCCM-100 SLPM
1” welded VCO500-3000 SLPM
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