NIST-Traceable Flow and Pressure Calibration

Included with every Alicat flow or pressure instrument is a NIST-traceable calibration report. These reports are included to show that the device is operating within its factory specifications.

Alicat calibration reports compare the data that your device is reporting with the data reported by one of our in-house flow or pressure standards. Most calibrations are conducted at five points in the full-scale range of your flow or pressure device: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of full scale. In the event that you, your calibration center, or metrology lab require more or different data points, custom calibration points are available for an additional charge.

Understanding Calibration and Accuracy Specifications

Alicat offers the following factory calibrations options for most of our flow and pressure instruments:

  • Liquid flow: +/- 2% of the full-scale range
  • Pressure, standard accuracy: +/- 0.25% of the full-scale range
  • Pressure, high accuracy: +/- 0.125% of the full-scale range
    • Absolute pressure calibrations (at standard or high accuracy) are also available for mass flow instruments.
    • The 2inH2O pressure range is only available with ±0.3% of the full scale range, no high accuracy option for this range.

Mid Flow Range 10 SCCM – 20 SLPM

  • Gas flow, standard accuracy: +/- (0.6% of the reading or 0.1% of the full-scale range, whichever is greater)
  • Gas flow, high accuracy: +/- (0.5% of the reading or 0.1% of the full-scale range, whichever is greater)

Low Flow Range 5 SCCM and below & High Flow Range 50 SLPM and above

  • Gas flow, standard accuracy: +/- (0.8% of the reading or 0.2% of the full-scale range)
  • Gas flow, high accuracy: +/- (0.4% of the reading or 0.2% of the full-scale range)

*high accuracy is only available for flow ranges 5 SCCM up to 500 SLPM.

Special Calibrations

Bidirectional Calibration

Bidirectional calibration is available for flow instruments and gauge pressure instruments.

FP-25 Calibration

Our FP-25 instruments receive NIST-traceable calibrations for mass flow, temperature and barometric pressure. Flow calibration accuracy is 1% of reading for FP-25.

3rd-Party 17025 Calibration Services

Alicat does not offer 17025 calibrations from our own factory, but we do partner with 3rd-party calibration houses for these services. They calibration check Alicat devices against their standard and provide a certificate of conformity. The customer will receive the standard Alicat NIST traceable calibration documentation in addition the 17025 certificate of conformity when this is requested.. 17025 calibrations are available with L.A.B. or A2LA accreditation.


The recommended period for recalibration is once every year for most Alicat instruments. A label located on the back of the device shows the date of the most recent calibration; this date is also stored in MENU > ABOUT > DEVICE INFO. Your instruments should be returned to the factory for recalibration near the listed due date. Please complete our Service Request Form or call us to schedule your recalibration service.

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