Alicat announces CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers

September 8, 2020

Alicat is announcing the release of its CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllersCODA instruments join Alicat’s line of globally recognized mass flow and pressure instrumentation as a high precision, ultra-low flow solution capable of operating at high pressures.

Coriolis technology enables mass flow measurement for high pressure, aggressive fluids, ultra-low flow, and high precision applications. I’m excited about CODA and the impact it can have in both research and production environments. – Ryan Barner, Director of New Product Development.

CODA demonstrates fast response times in direct measurement of mass flow. What makes the Coriolis line different is measurement independent of fluid composition, opening its application to a broad array of processesCODA is also capable of measuring ultra-low flows and can operate up to 3,500 PSI, expanding the application solutions Alicat can offer. CODA Coriolis products have been designed with real world applications in mind. This line of instruments also features corrosion resistant models and resistance to external vibration. 

Photo of the Alicat CODA Coriolis device options

Alicat CODA Coriolis meter and Coriolis controllers

For more information on CODA Coriolis devices, visit this page or call us at +1 (888) 290-6060.

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